‘Concretia’ is an incremental modular housing proposal which creates a system which alows the individual home and housing community to grow with time.The prefabricated system is highly flexible in layout and easy to site

The “Basic” house, designed for a young person or couple is 750 sq.ft. ;as the famliy grows with the addition of children and aging parents, the system allows for the house to grow easily at any time by adding an additional vertical module, expanding the living unit to 1500 sq.ft.

If ever the children move out and the upper level is not required, the unit can be dismantled and reused/sold elsewhere. Turning the house back to its original size.

Even if you want to move to a big city or a relaxing community on the urban periphery, the modules can be dismantled and transported with you.

Arjun Rathi Concretia Tata Tiscon RAISE Modular Housing 1 Arjun Rathi Concretia Tata Tiscon RAISE Modular Housing 2


The Basic ‘Concretia’ Modules have several advantages for low cost housing and motel chains:

1) The system can be  setup in days — not months.

2) It can adapt to varying slopes without trenching,without ecological damage; natural       topography and drainage remain intact; reduced planning/building department problems.

3) It’s mobile “manufactured housing “. The investment can, conservatively, start small. If it’s successful, more Modules can be ordered and  quickly placed.

4) If the market fails at that location, move the motel!  Or move some Modules to another       location. If it’s very successful, move more modules in.

5) It does not look like any other motel; identity — a readily recognizable image — is built in.  Travelers will recognize it from the road.

6) Installation time and costs are minimal.

7)Plumbing is also modular; the “plumbing wall” covered by the duct is pressure formed — in one piece. Fixtures are pluged in at the factory.

8) The basic units can also be great temporary housing for several workers as the internal layouts are flexible

Panel 2

With urban centres quickly encroaching on rural peripheries, scenarios for future expansion to free land area are proposed in the following panel.

Arjun Rathi Concretia Tata Tiscon RAISE Modular Housing 4

The various precast house arrangements can be quickly disassembled, placed on special trucks (with individual motor driven lifts on each wheel), transported to towers and lifted into high rises.

The following views  show when you own a prefabricated house, you can live in a low rise community at the city periphery with views of lakes and mountains or a highrise tower at urban centres.

The rise hise setup is supported by a central core where the precast RCC trusses get fixed. Modular trusses allow for the buildings to grow as per demand.  Low towers reach higher in the most desirable locations, not as much where, perhaps there’s too much wind.  In plan and elevation, the towers look more like trees than building blocks.  Natural, organic, beautiful.

Arjun Rathi Concretia Tata Tiscon RAISE Modular Housing 5

Project Team: Arjun Rathi
Prachi Sanghvi

Year Proposed: 2012



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