Royal Enfield Lamp

In 1954, the indian government ordered 800 rugged motorcycles for use by security personnel on the border with pakistan. The chosen bike was royal enfield bullet 350, built in redditch, the uk, by enfield cycle co. Today, royal enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world still in production, with the bullet model enjoying the longest motorcycle production run of all time. It’s bit of a timeless machine. A car moves your body, but a bike stirs your soul, especially so when it’s a Royal Enfield, And though the bike has evolved over the years, it has not deviated from the core values, which include the unhurried ride that the bike gives.


It has the torque to race if you wish or cruise.The ‘Royal Enfield’ brand has been an icon among motorcycle enthusiasts in India since early Independence. As the only genuine touring motorcycle manufactured in India, the bike is a metaphor for endurance and reliability. It is one of the few motorcycle brands in India that promote itself as a lifestyle. The piece uses an old Royal Enfield motorcycle headlight. The headlight is customised with additional bolts and metal plates to add some weight to the fixture.


The lamp frame was designed to take the weight and form of the ambassador headlight. The base is made of a thick metal plate to counterbalance the weight of the heavy glass cover. The lamp is flexible at all three joints with a rotating base, allowing complete mobility and flexibility in usage. The clamps give the product stability, also allowing it to be suspended from shelves or ceiling fixtures.

The lamp is available on a made to order basis and can be customised to size and colour as per the requirement.


Design Team: Arjun Rathi

Year Completed: 2012


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