Ambassador Lamp I

Despite its British origins, the Ambassador is considered as a definitive Indian car and is fondly called “the King of Indian roads”. “Ambassador” the car which literally has seen all of india. This car got its appreciation from the wealthy part of the Indian society,  rich bureaucrat’s got a taste of this amazing piece of magnificence auto-mobile back then. This was an amazing car and till this time it still remains as one. Through the years we saw many new variants from Hindustan motors, Ambassadors in india is a sign of status. It does not have a million miles per hour top speed and yes it does not have a massage seat in the rear, but is a symbol of royality.


The ‘Ambassador’ was the first car to be manufactured in India,  and through fifty years of production has become an
everlasting icon for the country. For us the car represents a sense of authority, elegance, and industrial simplicity. Hence
the idea of making a series of lamps as a tribute to the ambassador emerged. Ambassador car parts in usable condition
were difficult to source as the vehicle is almost out of production.After several trips to scrap markets in Kurla and Bharat
Bazaar, Mumbai, helped gather spare parts to assemble the Ambassador lamp.


The lamp frame was designed to take the weight and form of the ambassador headlight. The base is made of a thick metal plate to counterbalence the weight of the heavy glass cover. The lamp is flexible at all three joints with a rotating base, allowing complete mobility and flexibility in usage. The clamps give the product stability, also allowing it to be suspended from shelves or ceiling fixtures.

The lamp is available on a made to order basis and can be customised to size and colour as per the requirement.

Hand-made Production Process:

The lamp was nominated for the Spot Design Award three times at the exhibiton “In Bed With Designers”, 2014, curated by BuyMeDesign in Hong Kong.

Arjun Rathi - IBWD - Ambassador Lamp 1 Arjun Rathi - IBWD - Ambassador Lamp 2




Design Team: Arjun Rathi

Year Completed: 2012



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“Art in a Junkyard”, Mint Lounge, December, 2012


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