AnimationXpress India & Charis Shrine MIFA Exhibition Stalls, Annecy, France


The International Animation Film Market (MIFA) is the animation industry’s foremost showcase in terms of co-producing, purchasing, selling, financing and distributing animation content for all broadcasting platforms.

AnimationXpress India is a collective of upcoming animation studios across India and Charis Shrine is an animation studio that is currently developing six projects with various international collaborations.

Both companies were working on a very tight budget (Rs30,000 or 600$ for both stalls) as the the exhibition stalls and display material had to be fabricated and produced in Mumbai and sent to Annecy, France via air cargo. The air freight had size restrictions of 100cm x 35cm x 15cm and a weight limit of 80kgs distributed over four flight tickets.

The installations had to be light weight, as almost 50kgs were allotted for brochures, cds and other promotional content, and modular allowing them to be dismantled and reassembled at the exhibition venue with ease.

AnimationXpress India 


Content of 10 animation studios was to be displayed at 5meters x 2meters stall. Each animation company was allotted a video time slot, two poster spaces and space on the for promotional handouts. The stall had to have a setup where discussions could be hosted and space for televisions to play content.


A lightweight L-shaped stand was designed out of wooden-ply with interlocking sections. Once assembled the stall behaved as a single unit. The stand had to be strong enough to support brochures, media directories and laptops of the ten animation studios.


The installation flattened into 18 planes and could be tied together for transport.


Charis Shrine


The Pink Daisy character was a finalist at the MIFA 2011 exhibition. Majority of the Charis Shrine stall (3meters x 3meters) was dedicated to that series. The brief was centered around displaying the character merchandise, posters and a sit-down meeting setup to discuss promotional opportunities.  


A modular lightbox was designed to display the primary Pink Daisy poster. The lightbox could be detached into three pieces with the transportation crate forming the stand for the lightbox.


Design Team: Arjun Rathi
Rustom Gowadia

Client: India Animation Xpress, Charis Shrine

Year Completed: 2011

Pink Daisy is a copyrighted production of Anand Gurnani and Edita Sliacka


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