Refrigerator Table I

Walking through the numerous by lanes of a scrap market in Mumbai can be very exhausting and cumbersome; it is a creativity inspired adventurous experience. For the designer, re-using recycled materials for furniture design became a passion. The raw industrial look of recycled metal was very appealing. The coffee table is the first of a series of tables made from several restored vintage refrigerator doors. The series has a study table, dining table, and a side table under production.
The table consists of a vintage Kelvinator door, its condenser coils and metal procured from various scrap markets of Mumbai. The vintage door was restored to its original colour using duco paint finish with a coat of lacquer. The condenser coils and recycled metal were acid cleaned and powder coated black.All material was procured from various scrap markets in Mumbai like Bharat Bazaar and Chor Bazaar.
Dimensions of the table – 136 x 60 cm


Design Team: Arjun Rathi

Client: Self Initiated

Year Completed: 2012



First Place Peoples Choice, Eco Arts Awards, USA, 2012

“The Refrigerator Door Coffee Table”, Art Umbrella, June, 2011

“The Wizard of Creativity”, Midday, March, 2012

“The Usual Unusual”, Home Review, April, 2012

Refrigerator Coffee Table“, Indian Architect & Builder, February 2013

“House to Home”, Times of Mulud Powai, Trends, February 2013


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