The Music Exchange, Bandra, Mumbai


The city of Mumbai lacks open spaces that can be used for Musical and other cultural activities. By studying how music in the city has evolved in the city in the last 30 years. My study was mainly concentrated on how spaces in the city were/are used for music; how spaces where musicians interacted practiced and recorded music evolved over the time period; how musicians used their space. I also studied various institutions of music like music stores, record labels, distribution companies and their evolution over time, a study of the music piracy and underground distribution networks within the city.


The Music Exchange – is a meeting place for music, education, research and new technology. It promotes innovative educational/music projects associated with the development of research and experimentation in information and musical technology.
Functions and Program
-Broadening and Creation of new audiences
-Creation of a documentation center
-Hierachy of indoor and open air performance spaces. 3 underground and 6 open air
-Radio Station
-Jam Rooms and Practice spaces for musicians



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