Schlossgut Bachtobel, Weinfelden, Switzerland


New master plan for Bachtobel Winery and proposal for a Wine Spa.


The project focused on desired developments of the winery “Bachtobel” near Weinfelden known forone of the most prestigious wines of its region. The manor house “Bachtobel” is situated in the midstof the largest vineyard of the canton Thurgau, green lung of the city of Zurich, and close to the Lake Constance.


The proposals are for a new Master Plan of the winery and re-deisgn of the Wine Cellar. The wine cellar proposal creates a Walk-Through Museum in the 400 year old wine cellar and barrel room. A wine spa is added to the unused attic of the building as a new function.

The design focuses on creating atmospheres through play with light and minimal structural changes to the existing structures.


Project Team: Arjun Rathi, Ansel Colaco, Nicolas de Wurstemberger

Client: Schlossgut Bachtobel

Year Proposed: 2010


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